Driven to Explore

Dr Neil Counihan is a London-based orthodontist, leadership expert and adventurer. His ambition, purpose and energy drive him to operate across diverse worlds. His work is connected by a desire to help others and find new solutions to unmet needs.


Trained in UK and US orthodontics, Neil has over thirty years’ experience in transforming the smiles and confidence of young people and adults. His is passionate about creating healthy teeth for life and avoiding extractions to enable his patients to look the best they can. This has earned him the reputation as the person dentists send their children to.


A dynamic and thoughtful leader, Neil enjoys helping others to focus on their growth and realise their full potential. As a director of global organisation Extreme Leaders Group, he brings his experience to a range of leadership programmes and situations. Neil is an expert speaker and contributor on subjects including resilience in leadership.


Neil is passionate about trading the bright white of orthodontics for the stark beauty of Polar landscapes. As an extreme adventurer, he has skied to both the North and South Poles. Raising funds for charities close to his heart, Neil has tackled some of the most inhospitable places on earth, with temperatures reaching below minus 40°C.